Thursday, June 26, 2008

Pearl Jam - 6/25/08 - Madison Square Garden

Last night Pearl Jam played the second of 2 sold out nights at the Garden. When they were asked to headline Bonnaroo they decided that since they’d have the engine revved up they might as well play a few dates before and after that festival. Bands with a large catalog like Pearl Jam playing dates without a specific album to support often take one of two tacks. Some decide this is an excuse to take the easy route and do a greatest hits type set to appease the brain dead masses. Pearl Jam, not surprisingly, took the other road. Sure, their set was peppered with well known radio standards. However, the bulk of their show was made up of album tracks, rarely played songs and covers. I’m not sure if there’s such a thing as a casual Pearl Jam fan. If there is I doubt they were at the Garden for this show. Pearl Jam’s core fan base is loud, loyal and energetic. These are the people Pearl Jam plays to.

From the first note of Release to the last seconds of Yellow Ledbetter the Garden was rocked and swayed by Pearl Jam for 2 hours and 45 minutes and through 29 songs. Tracks like World Wide Suicide were joined by rarities such as All Night from Lost Dogs their double disc of outtakes and b-sides. It was on All Night that the first guests of the night appeared onstage. Three vocalists who Ed described as local friends sang backup and harmony vocals on this and several other tunes throughout the night. For every well known song like Corduroy that made the set list, a song like Who You Are not played in 10 years before this tour, also made the cut.

After delivering jabs and body shots for a little over an hour and a half the band left the stage briefly. When they returned for the first set of encores they got back to business immediately with Inside Job from their self titled 2006 album. A couple of songs later the next special guest emerged in the form of C.J. Ramone. He strapped on Jeff Ament’s bass and they played the Ramones classic I Believe In Miracles. This was followed by a rousing version of Better Man and then Rearviewmirror.

Another very quick break later, Ed emerged, acoustic guitar in hand to play No More by himself. The rest of the band returned and the body shots and jabs in the form of tunes continued. Little did I know that two and a half hours into their show Pearl Jam had a left hook up their sleeve no one could have seen coming. Eddie said that the next guest was not for the crowd so much as it was for them. Specifically the guest he said was for drummer Matt Cameron and guitarist Mike McCready. He said they’d be sharing vocals on the next tune which their guest would play lead guitar on. With that he said words I’ve heard in concert many times, just not at a Pearl Jam show. “Ace Frehley Lead Guitar,” is what Eddie said. The next sound I heard was a collective gasp from an incredulous crowd. Out wandered the Space Ace, and make no mistake, Ace wanders more so than he walks. His gait is as unmistakable as his guitar sound. With that they tore into the KISS Classic Black Diamond. It was an inspired version with a particularly engaging lead and solo from Ace. After that I would have been fine calling it a night but Pearl Jam played a couple of more tunes and completed their knockout of the crowd.

With their performance at Madison Square Garden last night Pearl Jam displayed that they are a live act with few peers. Certainly there is not a single band from their generation that can hold a candle to them live. In the pantheon of rock history there are but a few acts whose live show towers above everyone else. Pearl Jam can stand proudly with those legends. They are everything a great and legendary rock band should be live. Loud, passionate, spontaneous, tight and breathtaking.

Official Pearl Jam Bootlegs from every night of their tour can be purchased for a reasonable price through their website. They are available either in downloadable file form or as CD's.

Pearl Jam 6/25/08 MSG Set List:

Main Set: Release, World Wide Suicide, Severed Hand, Corduroy, All Night, Cropduster, Garden, Marker In The Sand, I'm Open, Wishlist, State Of Love And Trust, Even Flow, Who You Are, Rats, Given To Fly, Do The Evolution, Go

First Encore: Inside Job, W.M.A., Lukin, I Believe In Miracles, Better Man (Save it for Later), Rearviewmirror

Second Encore: No More, Last Kiss, Why Go, Black Diamond, Alive, Yellow Ledbetter


Unknown said...

Actually, I think I qualify as a casual PJ fan AND I was at the Garden last night for the show. I was reared on PJ's 10 and vs. during middle and high school and have enjoyed them since, but didn't follow them like a true fan. I saw them at PNC five years ago, and when my buddy got tix, I said I was in in a heartbeat.

At any rate, I agree with everything you said, the show was just killer.

R. Sobel said...

Last night was my first ever Pearl Jam show, and I've been to a million other shows before, but I've never seen a crowd where every single person knew the lyrics as if they were reading the liner notes. Not one person was sitting down, and I think we have the band themselves to thank for it. Their show was so fan friendly, it was like they were sitting there enjoying it right along with you.

Also, classic Eddie screw up on Betterman! That may have been the highlight of my night.

Anonymous said...

I agree, really great show. 3rd PJ show for me and each have been great. Have to say, I thought the back-up signers were very annoying. Back-up singers and PJ just don't go together.
Ace was AWESOME.
Only better show I have ever seen was a Springsteen show (many Springsteen shows).