Sunday, July 27, 2008

Thriving Ivory

Lush is the first word that comes to mind when listening to the self titled debut from the Bay areas Thriving Ivory. Piano and keys lead the way to create a mood as well as thick and layered sound. Vocalist Clayton Stroope has a voice that is strong,passionate and pretty unique. He wrings a range of sounds and emotions from it. At times their sound reminds me of bands such as Keane. On a few tracks I was having trouble figuring out who Stroope's vocals reminded me of. Finally it hit me, that of all people he was bringing to mind Stephen Pearcy of Ratt, albeit in a smoother, mellower manner.

The overall sound strikes me as progressive pop-rock. They're complex and full of notes and flourishes that emerge with repeated listening. At the same time the songs are catchy and immediately appealing. This debut album certainly has the sound and feel of a band that could be here for a long time. Stand out songs for me are the opener Runaway, Light Up Mississippi and Twilight. That said, their overall sound is such that if you like one track, you're likely going to be predisposed to the whole album. If you're looking for a physical CD of Thriving Ivory, it's exclusive to Best Buy.